1-2-1 with Alex Jones

Today we had the chance of chatting with the beautiful and talented Alex Jones, a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist!

Who are you?

Makeup Application

I’m Alex Jones, a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist from Hertfordshire.I’ve always loved to experiment with makeup and hair, even as a child I would spend hours on end creating new looks with the styling head and Tinkerbell makeup kit I got for Christmas one year!

After completing a diploma in Art and Design, I studied a degree in Specialist Makeup in 2005, unsure of exactly where it would take me, but I was lucky enough to assist some amazing artists who helped me take my first steps into the scary world of freelancing!I’ve been freelancing for 7 years now and I still can’t believe I get paid for doing something I absolutely love!

Which look gives you the most buzz to create?

Alex Jones Vogue

I’d say I get the biggest buzz is when I’m asked to recreate period styles. I love the glamour of old movies so to bring a legendary Hollywood movie starlet or vintage pin-up girl to life with the power of makeup and hair styling is amazing to me!

Do you have any memorable moment / client or event?

Alex Jones Makeup Photoshoot

One of my first jobs took me to Courchevel  in the French Alps where I was making up models for the Daily Mail Ski and Snowboard Magazine from the top of a mountain with the most beautiful backdrop I had ever seen. I think that’s the first time I thought “wow, I love my job!”

I have had so many memorable moments since then, I experience them on most of my jobs! There’s nothing better than working on a commercial for a few days  or being  blessed with a team that gel perfectly on  a fashion shoot. When you’re in a crew of so many creative personalities there’s always a lot of laughing going on behind the scenes, plenty of hard work, but lots of fun too!

How important is the relationship between hair and make-up?

Alex Jones Retro Makeup Styles

No look is complete with just makeup or just hair, they go hand in hand, which is why I found it incredibly useful to be able to do both. Although I love it when I’m given the opportunity to collaborate with talented hairstylists, I’m often booked to do hair as well. This usually means I have to work ridiculously fast which is where Cloud Nine tools are my saviour!

What’s your favourite Cloud Nine tool?

The Wand and The O would have to be my favourite Cloud Nine tools. The large Wand when I’m on set and need to work fast, it just creates the most perfect curls in seconds! And the O for big bouncy hair that my private clients often request.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

When creating a makeup/hair look, I’d say I find my inspiration mainly through fashion and film.

Who are some of your celebrity clients?

Alex Jones Celebrity Shoot

I’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous celebrities over the years including Myanna Buring, Amanda Holden, Tamsin Outwaite, Hermione Norris, Hannah Tointon, Birdy, Plan B, Bob Geldoff

What’s your best kept secret or favourite product?

Bobbi Brown Makeup

My favourite products right now are Bobbi Brown’s retouching powders, Code VLM Mascara and Cloud Nine Magical Potion.

Which celeb would you love to style and why?

If I was given the opportunity to work with anyone it would have to be Angelina Jolie because I just love her face. Her hair is pretty fabulous too!

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