1-2-1 with Caterina Maiolini

Get yourself a nice cup a tea (or coffee) and read all about this Italian born rising artist, Caterina Maiolini!

Who are you?

I am Caterina Maiolini and I work in hairstyling and grooming at CHAPS in St Albans.
Born in Italy, I moved to London in 2002 and started my hairdressing career shortly after. Pretty soon into the hair industry I realized that my passion was more about styling and grooming, which is now my speciality.

My strong dedication to hair, my eye for details, my reliability and my outgoing personality are my strengths.

My work has been published in Vogue UK, Fiasco Magazine, Cosmopolitan Germany, Supplementaire, VIGORE!, Crack Magazine, Boys by Girls- the book,  Sheer Magazine, Very.co.uk

I was also the hairstylist for Ian Waite's official 2011 calendar and Mark Evans new album.
I was the head mens stylist for the John Lewis fashion shows and hairstylist for a few other ones. I also assisted at various LFW shows.

Which hairstyle gives you the most buzz to create?

An era hairstyle - the moulin rouge girls, the Audrey Hepburn, the beehive, the barbarella... when it is an era style it’s always more difficult because they were amazing! But generally I love love love polished looks, both on men and women. 1920’s & 1930’s have got to be my favourite!

Do you have any memorable moment / client or event?

Yes! My second London Fashion Week show @ Moschino! I absolutely LOVED IT. The way we did the hair, the preparation behind it, the products, the technique, the team, the laughs, and then watching Sam McNight with his artist hands and his amazing calm finishing the models one after the other even when the time was tight. Sam is a very inspirational man!

But I also remember the Oswald Boateng September 2010 LFW catwalk at the Odeon in Leicester Square - AMAZING. We styled 100+ boys hair in a few hours and then watching them walking off the stage and walk back to Saville Row was truly fantastic!

What’s your top tip for a Summer 2012 hair?

Ponytail definitely. Quite high up and a bit sandy from greasy. With some loose bits at the front and definitely a fringe!

What’s your favourite Cloud Nine tool?

The O! When I saw Dylan demostrate it at the Coterie for the first time I was like : WOW! Really? How is that even possible.. and I still think that every single time! It never stops amazing me - I swear!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anything, anywhere, anyone. It’s really like that. I do get inspired by other poeple’s work. I look at editorials, adverts, photoshoots, campaigns, everything and I will just get inspired.

Children also inspire me so much because their hair is left quite natural most of the time and you can see the real movement behind it... so the forms and shapes and colours. And it normally just really suits them! I look at a lot of portrait photos, I take more inspiration from those ones than from other things. Movies, music videos, magazines, but really a lot of times it is also people.

We are very lucky to live in London where the street fashion is always a step ahead... these girls can really invent a style!

Who are some of your celebrity clients?

In all honesty I don’t have any...  I cut the hair of some of the Saracens’ rugby players.. I guess they are my celebrities!

What’s your best kept secret or favourite product?

My best kept secrets will stay that way unfortunately  (sorry.. :P) but my favourite product is going to have to be the shine spray from Sebastian I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

You spray a little bit of that on a finished look and it’s like BANG all shine it and polished... LOVE IT.

Which celeb would you love to style and why?

David Beckham! Do you really need to ask why? Only joking!

Because I adore men’s grooming and hairstyling and David is one of the biggest icons for hair. Definitely in England anyway, but his styles are always copied. The guys come to the salon and ask for it and it will make me SO happy to know I am the one who created that!!!!

Most of his Editorials that I loved are styled but Alain Pichon... but watch out Alain..  Caterina is about ;)

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