1-2-1 with James Earnshaw

This week we're chatting to James Earnshaw, Creative Director at Francesco Group!

Who are you?

My name is James Earnshaw and I’m a creative director at Francesco Group. Hairdressing was something I always wanted to do from a very young age and when I was 15 I started my career, progressing through the ranks. I now work alongside the Francesco Group creative team on shoots, shows and seminars, compete in industry competitions and my work has been published internationally in consumer and trade press.

Which hairstyle gives you the most buzz to create?

To me, there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing hair that suits the individual that is wearing it and enhances their facial features, no matter what the length of hair!

Do you have any memorable moment / client or event?

One that stands out to me is when I won the Cloud Nine competition to work backstage at London Fashion Week for the Australian designer brand sass&bide last year. It was a truly amazing day. I remember the models all turning up and when I looked over, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn were just sat to my left and I thought this is brilliant! We also got to watch the show after, which was really cool. This was my first fashion week and I will always remember it!

What’s your top tip for a Summer 2013 hair?

To me, Summer 2013 is all about making your hair look as effortless as possible with natural texture. The best way to create this is to work on dry hair, section it into 4 and twist tightly into 4 buns. Grip in place, give it a blast with the hairdryer and leave to cool. To finish, tip head upside down and shake out. PERFECT!

What’s your favourite Cloud Nine tool and why?

It has to be The Wand! Just by varying the way you wrap your hair around it and the amount of hair you wrap at a time, you can create so many different
looks. It goes with me to any shoot I do, I love it!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from everything really… I love the 60's and 90's and I take an influence from that era but bring it more into 2013 by adding my stamp on it! I also like taking ideas from shows at fashion weeks around the world and see how they’re styling the hair for the runway.

Who are some of your celebrity clients?

I work a lot with some of the girls from Britain and Irelands Next Top Model, which I really enjoy! They are all so beautiful so any way you style their hair, they look good – there’s no limitations in that sense!

What’s your best kept secret or favourite product?

I don’t think you can beat layering in loads of mousse into the hair and building up a texture. It makes the hair so easy to work with and a great way to prep before heat styling the hair. It will hold your style in longer without having to make your hair crispy with spray!

Which celeb would you love to style and why?

As far as celeb hair goes I LOVE Amelia Lily’s hair - the beautiful milkshake tone she has and the way she wears it so effortlessly is beautiful! I would love to style her hair and put my own spin on it, she seems like a cool girl too!


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