1-2-1 with Johnnie Sapong

Dividing his time between New York and London, we managed to get hold of the talented Johnnie Sapong and got to know him a little better!

Who are you?

Johnnie Sapong, International Session Worker and Celebrity hairstylist. I’ve styled hair for most of my adult life.  It was while attending Art College that my hairstyling training began with an offer from a friend’s sister to help out at her prestigious West End salon, Molton Brown. From that day I never looked back.

Which hairstyle gives you the most buzz to create?

Braiding and knotting. It’s the textures and shapes you’re able to create, there is lots of movement and different aspects to this particular style which gives me that “buzz” from the creating to finishing the look.

Do you have any memorable moment / client or event?

Natalie Portman on the Dior Campaign, which was made in Paris over 2 days, I really love Natalie’s spirit and vibe, a very interesting woman to work with.

What’s your favourite Cloud Nine tool?

The O for volume and root lift in the hair. Closely followed by The Wand and its magical abilities with curling hair in all sorts of size curls and control.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from the street, whether it’s a girl walking down the street or a recent exhibition that I’ve visited.  Places I go to visit, especially Jamaica. Music, Fashion, Culture. That’s where my inspirations originate.

Who are some of your celebrity clients?

My career is highlighted with a vast array of celebrity clientele such as Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiera Knightley, Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp.

What’s your best kept secret or favourite product?

Talcum Powder

Which celeb would you love to style and why?

Lily Savage as she’s larger than life, a creature more cartoon than human, and she has lots of hair to work with! Or maybe I’ll sort her out with a new wig instead!


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