12 Styles of Christmas Part 2

Welcome to the Cloud Nine 12 Styles of Christmas Part 2!

After going through the many entries sent by the lovely salons, Leigh and Angel finally decided on the 12 styles that will make the Cloud Nine 12 Styles of Christmas! During this week, we will be posting the 12 winning looks, along with a brief step by step so you can re-create the styles in your own home!

Today's looks were sent by Deesh Dhindsa from Sally Montague Hair Group and Matthew Roskell from Francesco Group.

Deesh Dhindsa

1. I prep the hair using the Magical Quick Dry Potion

2. Once dried, I used the Original Wand, taking large vertical sections to curl the hair.

3. Once completed through out the hair, I used my cloud nine Dressing Brush to brush out the curls to create a soft natural look.

Matthew Roskell

1. After tonging with the Cloud Nine Wand throughout, the hair was brushed out.

2. Taking a section at the crown and back brushing to create volume and shape.

3. The hair is then gathered in the nape and secured.

4. Soft texture is pulled out around the face, and then tease the remainder of the ponytail to create a voluminous playful texture.


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