12 Styles of Christmas Part 4

Welcome to the Cloud Nine 12 Styles of Christmas Part 4!

After going through the many entries sent by the lovely salons, Leigh and Angel finally decided on the 12 styles that will make the Cloud Nine 12 Styles of Christmas! During this week, we will be posting the 12 winning looks, along with a brief step by step so you can re-create the styles in your own home!

Today's looks were sent by Jess Goddard from Ocean Cardiff and Imogen Coates from KH Hair.

Jess Goddard

1. Blow dry hair using Cloud Nine Magical Potion spray and Nloud Nine round brush.

2. Once dry, taking medium sections, I used the Cloud Nine medium irons and curled the hair away from the face.

3. After finishing each row, I pin curled the section to leave the hair set. I repeated this all over the head.

4. Once set, I removed the pins and dressed out the curl with my Cloud Nine dressing brush.

5. I then sprayed the Cloud Nine Magical Potion into the palms of my hands and softly smoothed it over the hair to add shine.

Imogen Coates

90's style messy buns inspired by Miley!

1. Zig zag parting and scrunchies to create a 90's feel.

2. Hair blow dried with Cloud Nine quick dry potion.

3. Styled with Cloud Nine wide iron to add movement and a soft wave

4. High pony tails which where then twisted and pinned.

5. Scrunchies added to complete the look.

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