12 Styles of Christmas Part 6

Welcome to the Cloud Nine 12 Styles of Christmas Part 6!

After going through the many entries sent by the lovely salons, Leigh and Angel finally decided on the 12 styles that will make the Cloud Nine 12 Styles of Christmas! During this week, we will be posting the 12 winning looks, along with a brief step by step so you can re-create the styles in your own home!

Today we bring you the last (but not least!) looks of our 12 Styles of Christmas competition. These were sent by Henrietta Harnett from Ocean Cardiff and Malcolm Murphy from Malcolm Murphy Hair.

Henrietta Harnett

1. Blow dry hair using Cloud Nine Magical Potion spray and Cloud Nine round brush.

2. Once dry, taking small sections, I used the Cloud Nine large irons to create big beautiful curls.

3. After finishing each row, I scrunched the hair for 60 seconds to leave the curl set.

4. Once set, I then used the Cloud Nine dressing brush to soften the hair to create voluminous Christmas curls.

Malcolm Muprhy

1. Malcolm applied the Cloud Nine Magical Potion for shine and manageability. He then used a volumising lotion for added hold and volume.

2. Malcolm used the Cloud nine boar bristle brush to create root lift and a smooth finish. The brush allowed Malcolm more control when working with the fringe and provided the perfect canvas for the wand.

3. Malcolm used the Wand on the high heat setting wrapping sections of the hair to create tumbling curls. Malcolm repeated this throughout the head using the ears as a guideline. The sections around the face were curled back away from the face. 

4. Malcolm thoroughly brushed through the curls with the Cloud Nine dressing brush. Because the curls were created using a high heat with the setting lotion, this mean that Malcolm had a good base to begin really working through the curls. 

5. After finals bits of tweaking Malcolm finished the look with. Generous spritz of hair spray. The end result is a ultra glam soft curls that really brought out the soft honey tones that were added previous to styling. 

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