£20 off The Airshot

The Revolution continues and this month, we are blowing you away – literally – with £20 off The Airshot!

We continue to revolutionise the face of modern hair styling with the innovative Airshot hairdryer. This revolutionary styling tool not only dries effectively and fast, it leaves a lasting smooth shine to the hair, the perfect prep for other Cloud Nine styling tools.

The Airshot is a high airflow professional dryer that’s both lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce pressure to the wrist during use. This sleek 2000W high performance hairdryer boasts tourmaline and vitamin infused ceramic heating elements to deliver the highest level of care to your hair whilst styling.


Anti-static technology works to reduce the amount of negatively charged particles, diminishing frizz and flyaways whilst adding silkiness and shine. Three variable heat settings and an LED Temperature Indicator are combined with a balanced weight distribution, allowing you to create a multitude of different styles. Furthermore, a cool shot button allows for rapid cooling of the hair, setting your style in place for long-lasting results.

The Airshot encompasses pioneering vitamin infused design and heat control technology for kinder styling and superior results, leaving you to effortlessly create salon-standard looks with confidence.

The Airshot Diffuser has contoured fingers that work independently to lift and separate the hair, decreasing frizz, adding volume and helping to highlight the hairs natural texture. The adjustable airflow allows the heat to be distributed evenly, defining curls. Our products are made for life, so the heat resistant material ensures you have a more durable styling experience.

So what's in the box? 

  • The Airshot
  • 60mm Nozzle
  • 75mm Nozzle
  • Quick Start Leaflet

If you think that drying your hair takes ages and you wish it an easy task,ou we've got a great little potion for you - The Magical Potion! This little miracle reduces drying time by up to 50%, as well as providing heat protection, a weightless leave-in conditioner and a UV filter. Want even better news? This month and this month only, you can get The Airshot and The Magical Potion for only £89, when normally it would be £117.85! 

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