2013 Photo Shoot - Altogether Kinder Styling

Watch the behind the scenes Cloud Nine Altogether Kinder Styling video

Take a look at our behind the scenes footage from the 2013 Cloud Nine All Together Kinder Styling shoot, filmed in the heart of Dublin. Following the progression and stages behind the photo shoot, you can experience firsthand the hair styling, make-up and outfit selections from start to finish. 

See how the Cloud Nine stylists utilise the professional hair tools to their maximum potential, taking advantage of the low and high heat ranges available with each salon styling tool to fashion elegant curls and flawlessly straight styles.

Showcasing the Curling Wand, Original Irons, The O Heated Rollers and more, we can see the versatility of each tool as they are used to create various styles from curls and volume to other effortless contemporary looks. The Cloud Nine styling tools can be used in unique ways to really develop a desired style and create unique, powerful looks.

For further information on the Cloud Nine range of products, please visit our online store today.

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