2014 Cloud Nine Photo Shoot with Leigh Keates

Watch the Cloud Nine Behind the scenes of photo shoot led by Leigh Keates

Follow Leigh Keates and the team over at the White Lovett studio in Shoreditch, shooting the new Cloud Nine 2014 styling campaign.

Leigh uses the tools in a more contemporary and diverse way, pushing the boundaries to create different and unique styles. He shows the advantage of the Cloud Nine Iron’s temperature control and how it contributes to a flawless finish on existing straight hair, using a low heat on all styles to create loose and effortless looks.

Talking about his love for the Cloud Nine Wand, Leigh creates a stunning curled look, using a clip approach to allow the curls to set whilst make-up is being applied. He also demonstrates the versatility of The O, creating a textured and lifted finish creating a modern style.

Showcasing a range of the Cloud Nine products with what they do best – Cloud Nine ambassador, Leigh Keates, takes the opportunity to emphasise the quality and finish each of the Cloud Nine range provides. 

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