Billie Eilish - A hair journey

Here’s a look through some of Billie Eilish’s most iconic hair looks so far.

Unless you have literally been living under a rock for the last year, you will know exactly who Billie Eilish is. At just 18 years old, Billie has managed to take the entire music industry by storm, picking up Grammys, socialising with Justin Bieber and Drake, becoming the youngest EVER person to sing the iconic James Bond theme tune.

Billie is not only hugely popular and talented, but she has a style that is INSTANTLY recognisable. She is literally the definition of cool. Oversized designer co ords, huge louis Vuitton denim ensembles and brightly coloured hair has become synonymous with the star.

Billie’s hair has become a real topic of conversation, due to its ever changing style and colour. You literally have no idea what Billie will do next, and we love it. Here’s a look through some of our favourite Billie Eilish’s most iconic hair looks so far.

Minky, Platinum Silver Billie


This is how we think of Billie. Fresh faced, pale skin, hair that could literally belong to a unicorn. If we tried to rock this hair colour we would look like we'd been dug up. Somehow, Billie looks like an angel.

Brunette Billie


Seriously, how does this girl suit EVERY hair colour? Obsessed with this ashy brunette look Billie debuted in her 'Xanny' music video.

Green Root Billie


Hairdresser "Usual head of highlights today yeah babe?" Me:

Denim Blue Billie


The Coolest ever. On a real note though, how is her hair surviving this?

Ink Black Billie


Giving us gothic glam.

Seafoam Blue Billie


Probably my favourite of all Billie looks. Apparently she wasn't a fan of this colour at all so we doubt we will be seeing this appear again anytime soon *cry*

Now please can we take a second to thank Billie's hair cuticles for staying intact during this JOURNEY and to pray for them going forward. Thank you.

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