British Soap Awards 2013

The British Soap Awards are always one of the most anticipated celebrity events of the year in the UK and this year it wasn’t an exception!

From best tantrum to sexiest male and female, The British Soap Awards is one of the most exciting evenings of the English calendar!

But prizes aside, what we were really interested in was the red carpet! This year’s British Soap Awards was oozing glamour and we were lucky enough to count on the support of hairstylist Richard Phillipart, who styled some of the stars of the night and shared the images and comments with us!

Georgia May Foote

To achieve the shine in Georgia's hair, Richard prepped with Balmain Elixir & L'oreal Pro Full volume mousse and then her hair was root tonged using a hair tong. The hair was allowed to cool and brushed out using the Balmain session spray and finished with the silk perfume.

This could be achieved with the Cloud Nine Wand, pinning the curls to cool and make sure that all the curls are wound in the same direction to give this texture.

Paula Lane

To create Paula's luxe ponytail, Richard used a custom coloured Balmain "Lyon" human hair ponytail. The stylist says "I wanted Paula's hair to be casual yet high end and this added ponytail gave a seamless luxurious look to her hair which oozed red carpet glamour."

Richard used The O rollers to add extra volume to the extension and before walking the red carpet, Paula's hair was spritzed with the Balmain silk perfume to give a shimmer and shine under the harsh flashes of the waiting paparazzi.

Fiona Wade

For Fiona's editorial runway inspired ponytail, Richard started by prepping Fiona's hair with the Balmain volume mousse and Texture spray to give it a plumped up but gritty texture, perfect for styling up do’s.

Richard then took a small section at the base of the neck and attached some custom coloured and specially made Balmain hair extensions (this technique can be achieved using soft blend weave or double hair).

Once this was secure, the rest of the hair was styled over the top securing with elastic and wrapping some hair around the base to finish.  A small drop of elixir was then smothered over the extensions and they where blown and then ironed smooth using the Cloud Nine Iron Iron on a low temperature. The reason why a low temperature was used is because Richard wanted a natural nonchalant smooth look and not an ironed poker straight finish. Silk perfume and session spray were also used to finish.

Danielle Harold

For Danielle's hair, the Balmain volume mousse and texture spray were used and a small drop of elixir was added to the ends. Once blown, the top of her hair was set on The O rollers and The Wand was used at the back.

Richard attached the Balmain complete extensions in 60cm to the back of her hair, then slightly higher the 2nd piece of that pack, the hair was then pulled round to the side and pinned into place and the Balmain complete extension in 40cm was added to the top. A razor was used to cut and blend the 3 extensions together and the look was finished with session spray.

Alison King

To create Alison's grungy beach hair, Richard used lots of Balmain texture spray and scrunched the hair after it had earlier been tonged and allowed to drop.

Although this style should look casual and natural it still needs the foundation of a tong like the Cloud Nine Waving Wand to make it last.

We would like to thank Richard Phillipart and his team at The Boutique Salon and Spa for sharing these pictures with us - these ladies look absolutely beautiful!

In case you didn’t know, Richard is the 'King of the Weave' when it comes to extensions, having won the Extensionist of the Year 2012 award! If you’re around Chester and are thinking of indulging in a bit of pampering why not give Richard a call and book an appointment?

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