Celebrity Wavy Hair Looks

Let’s talk summer style. If there’s one style which perfectly expresses the essence of summer it’s the wave. Care-free, fun and effortless looking, natural and seemingly low maintenance – the wave screams fun and personality, but can also be used to channel elegance and sophistication.

Let’s explore wave upon wave of summer styles. We’re really digging the soft wave-straight-body combinations donned by the likes of Laura Whitmore below. The contrasting combination really shows off the length and contrast.

For a fuller look, or for shorter length hair, the soft loose style can be moved throughout the hair. Shaking the curls out creates an effortless look that takes you from day to night. This style perfectly pulled off by Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger.

For those looking to step up the look, perhaps for evening wear or special occasions, the versatile wave can be dressed up in style. This style is one of Holly Willoughby’s favourites, and is also worn by celebrities such as Anna Kendrick. For added volume, blasting your hair upside down with a hair dryer really boosts your curls!

Timeless and feminine, the wave is more than a modern revelation, and the wave lends itself perfectly to retro styles just as well. Check out Dita and Peaches rocking some iconic retro-waves. Adding a jewelled clip can really boost this wavy look too.

Whatever wave style you favour, you’re sure to turn some heads. Whether you use the Waving Wand or the irons to create your waves, be sure to keep the volume in your waves alive with a good quality amplifying spray ;)

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