Christmas Party Hair Look One

Follow these steps to create the perfect party style for longer length hair.

Ariana Grande Long Hair

1. Prep your freshly washed hair using a generous amount of strong-hold mousse and blast dry. 

2. Section your hair into vertical sections around the head.

3. Starting at the front, wrap the section around your Cloud Nine Original wand in the direction away from the face.

4. Drop the curl into the palm of your hand and scrunch; this will encourage it to set and last throughout the day/night. 

5. Continue curling each section, and leave to cool.

6. Brush out the curl using your Cloud Nine Dressing Brush and spray with hairspray.

7. Divide the hair in two from ear to ear. The section will need to come slightly in front of the crown area.

8. Using your dressing brush, spray some hairspray onto the brush and gather the hair into a central ponytail.

9. Secure in place with elastic.

10. Lightly tighten by splitting the ponytail and pulling apart - this will bulk out the shape and give it more volume.

11. Using your dressing brush, gently back-brush the root hair of the back section.

12. To finish, mist a light hairspray over. 


Photo Credit: Jaguar PS  

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