Christmas Party Hair Look Two

The ideal hair length for the deconstructed braid is mid-length/long. Take a look at our step-by-step guide below on how to re-create this amazing hair style.

De-Constucted Braid Hair Style

1. Begin by working in some mousse combined with some Cloud Nine Amplify spray. The hair can’t be too soft for this so keep adding more product and drying it to create a rough, gritty texture.

2. Once the hair is dry divide the hair from ear to ear around the back of the head.

3. Using three sections, braid this section and fastened with a thin piece of elastic.

4. With the top section of hair, gently back brush using the Cloud Nine Dressing Brush. Then divide into 3 sections.

5. Taking the central section- twist around your fingers and pin to give some volume.

6. With the ends of this section, braid this as well and wrap around the first.

7. Bring the two side sections around to the back and tie in a loose knot.

8. Secure in place.

9. Once you are happy with the overall shape from the front; gently pull out the braid to soften.

10. Apply some sea salt spray into your finger tips and work this into the hair to ensure the hair looks dishevelled.  

PHOTOCREDIT: David Webber 


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