Christmas Party Looks

Christmas is almost here and so are the parties! We have got three amazing looks for you to make heads turn.

Braided Bun

Step by Step

1. Using a Cloud Nine Dressing Brush which has been sprayed with hairspray, gather the hair into a ponytail, positioned at the occipital bone. Backcomb the crown area for added lift. 
2. When happy with the shape, fasten with an elastic. Soften the hairline by gently teasing out strands. 
3. Take the ponytail and braid into your choice of braid. Gently knead out the braid and fasten with an elastic. 
4. Shape the braid into a bun by curling around itself and secure with grips and pins. 

S Bend Curls

Step by Step

1. Apply mousse onto dry hair, and smooth in with the Cloud Nine Paddle Brush to create hold.

2. Section an irregular curve section using The Cloud Nine Tail Comb leaving the hairline out and secure that hair into a ponytail.

3. Using a Cloud Nine Original Iron, create an ‘S-Bend’ wave by feeding the hair through the iron in a loose ‘S’ Shape.

4. With the hair that you have secured in a ponytail. Create a 2 strand twist and secure with elastic, wrap the twist around the base of the ponytail to create a bun shape and secure.

5. Brush out the waves and spritz with hairspray to create more texture and hold.

Slicked Back Straight

Step by Step

1. Using a Cloud Nine Paddle Brush, brush the hair and smooth-down any flyaways.   

2. Starting at the top of the head, section the hair from the middle out towards the ears, creating a clean section on both sides of the hair. Straighten and smooth the hair using a Cloud Nine Wide Iron.

3. Remove sections and use a Cloud Nine Wide Iron to straighten the top of the hair.

4. Starting at the hairline, apply mousse to achieve a sleeked-back look. Using the Cloud Nine Airshot, blow-dry the mousse into the hair, smoothing the hair back as you work.

5. Finish the look using hairspray to set the hair into place.

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