Cloud Nine Appoints Award-Winning Creative Ambassador

We are really excited to announce our new Cloud Nine Creative Ambassador, Angel Montague-Sayers! Read on to find out all about this talented stylist.

Starting her career at Vidal Sassoon, Knightsbridge and the Sally Montague Hair Group, before becoming a freelance stylist, Angel has fast become a renowned name in the session world. Nominated to be Backstage Stylist at the Hair Awards 2013 and named winner of 2012’s ‘The Fashionista’ at Creative HEAD’s The It List Awards, she has honed her skills working at New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Having worked with celebrity clientele including Daisy Lowe, George Lamb, Kelly Brook and Rita Ora and on shoots for titles including ELLE, InStyle, Vogue and Glamour, Angel has amassed an impressive styling repertoire. As UK Creative Ambassador for Cloud Nine, she will work across creative shoots and projects, offer expert advice and direction for videos and PR projects plus provide education programmes on behalf of the brand.

"I feel very honoured that I've been asked to work alongside such a sought-after company. Cloud Nine offers the most innovative equipment on the market, and as a result I am able to use them everywhere from backstage to on the salon floor."

  • What is your top tip for fabulous hair every day?  

Make sure you visit the salon for regular cuts, for hair to look beautiful it needs to be in optimum condition. Also investing in hair products to suit your hair/scalp type will make a world of difference.

  • What is your favourite Cloud Nine product and why?

I go through phases with them all. The Touch is great because it’s so speedy when I’m on a shoot or backstage, but on myself I couldn’t live without the Waving Wand.

  • What is your must-follow style tip?

Always prep the hair with a mousse as it gives everlasting hold. When using a wand, direct the two sections at the front, away from the face. This will give the front a softer, subtle finish. 

  • Is there such a thing as a hair styling “don’t”?

Don’t over style. The key is to look effortlessly beautiful not over-done. 

  • Who is your top Style Icon for hair?

I’m a huge fan of Victoria Beckham, she’s a celebrity that isn’t afraid of change and is always requested in the salons. As is David Beckham, so the Beckhams have a lot of influence on clients and style. 

  • How does hair relate to personal style?

Hair reflects so much of your personality and it’s the only accessory you wear every day. I love meeting a client for the first time and deciding on a hairstyle based on their personality and lifestyle.

  • What is the biggest myth about hair care and why do you think people still believe it?

That you shouldn’t wash your hair too much. Yes, natural oils are a good thing but if you’re using the right shampoos and conditioners then these will only enhance your hair. Also, two-in-one shampoos and conditioners are pointless. The shampoo opens the cuticle and the conditioner closes it, so it wouldn’t work. (And you lose the shine and gloss that a closed cuticle gives!)

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