Cloud Nine Office to Party Looks

Look 1- Day time waves to a Faux Bob

Office to Party hair Looks

If you’re sick of looking the same, day in-day out, then this is an instant way to shock your co- workers at the Office party. It requires a little pre-work effort, then 5 minutes in front of a mirror before you dash out the door.

1. Apply around 3-5 handfuls of strong hold mousse to freshly washed hair and blow-dry in. (The hair needs to feel almost saturated in product to ensure your waves hold until the early hours)

Apply Mousse and Wash Hair










2. Blast dry your hair. 

Blast dry your hair










3. Using a Cloud Nine waving wand; take large vertical sections and wrap around the wand.

Curl your hair










4. Hold for a few sections and drop into the palm of your hand and scrunch- this helps set the hair and give a bend to the very ends. 

Hold your hair in a scrunch










5. Continue until all of the hair has been wrapped around the wand. 

Curl hair with wand










6. Tip your head upside down and gently shake out with your fingers.

Run fingers through hair










7. Finish using a dry hairspray for extra hold. 

Apply hairspray to lock in style










Now you’re ready for the office- you’ll need to take a comb, hair bobble and handful of grips and pins to work with you.

A Faux Bob is a chic and modern way to style to reinvent your look in a matter of minutes, follow these simple step by steps;

1. To refresh you’re waves, simply turn your head upside down and use either your fingers or a brush to bring the shape back to life.

Run fingers through hair










2. Using a Cloud Nine dressing brush, back-brush the hair around the crown and through the mid- lengths to add extra volume. 

Back Brush Hair










3. Gather your hair together and then tie it into a bobble a few inches from the ends. 

Tie Hair Into a Bobble










4. Roll up, into the nape of the neck. 

Roll Up Hair










5. Secure into place-if you cross the grips over each other it’ll give you extra hold.

Pin Hair










6. Once it feels stable, use your fingertips to pull a few pieces of hair out and soften the shape. 

Unpin and even our hair










Et viola..two looks in one!


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