Cloud Nine Office to Party -  Look 4

The O rollers will be your best friend this festive season. Whether you want to replicate a large salon blow-dry or an abundance of soft curls, this luxury roller set is your answer.

Office and Party hair

1. Using the Amplify spray, spritz the product all the way through your hair.










2. Tip your head upside down and dry to encourage volume.










3. Using your ‘O’ hair rollers, starting at the top wind each section into a roller and secure with a clip.










4. Use the largest sized rollers at the top and over direct each section.










5. Once all of your hair is in the rollers-leave to cool. The red dots will turn to black when they are ready to be removed.










6. When taking each roller out, use the roller’s velcro as a brush to smooth each section.










7. Finish using a hairspray.










To recreate this show-stopping, simple quiff guaranteed to turn heads, follow these additional steps;

1. Draw a line with your comb from in-front of your ear to the opposite side and section away.










2. Slightly backcomb the root area of the back sections and brush through the mid lengths and ends to refresh the set.










3. Tease the front section and glide over with your dressing brush to smooth over.










4. Bring the hair to the back with your fingertips and place a pin to secure the shape.










5. Twist the remaining hair around your fingers to resemble a large knot.










6. Fix in place with grips, pins and hairspray. Finally; lightly loosen the shape for additional height and texture.


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