Cloud Nine Office to Party- Straight to faux undercut

A red-carpet favourite and a fierce way to get noticed this festive season.

Mirror celebrities including Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe and Cara Delevingne for a show-stopping look;

Look 2 Step By Step-

1. Once you’ve washed your hair, blow-dry it smooth using the Cloud Nine Paddle brush and a spritz of the Magical Potion- this will also protect your hair from any heat. 










2. Once dry, section your hair into large sections. 










3. Using your Cloud Nine irons, glide down each section of hair. Slightly bevel the irons to give your hair a slight bend at the ends, this will also blend any layers into the hair. 










4. Establish a low side parting, from the edge of your brow back to the crown. 










5. Continue smoothing out each section of hair- this will also give your tresses an incredible shine. 










6. Finish using a light hairspray or shine spray. 










Once you’re ready to sign off for the day, follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready in no time;

1. Brush your hair through using a soft dressing brush. 










2. Re-Establish your side parting. With the fuller side, slightly back-brush this at the root for flattering volume and contrast to the opposite side.










3. Returning to the opposite side-using your comb, divide this into one, two or three horizontal sections. 










4. To concentrate on each section, pin the others out of your way using a crocodile clip. 










5. Braid each into a taut scalp braid to a point behind the ear and tie using a small piece of elastic. 










6. Once the entire side is braided; finish using a touch of oil for a flawless shine.


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