Create Kate’s Elegant Up-do.

Beauty blogger Amelia Liana creates an intricate plait a la Kate Middleton using Cloud Nine’s very own Wide Iron.

To create the elegant look, Amelia began by using the Wide Iron to ensure her hair was straight without losing any volume. Using the ‘Know Your Hair, Love Your Hair’ quiz and our Kate Middleton's hair tutorial video , Amelia decided to use the highest temperature setting to ensure she was getting the best results. Once her locks were straightened, the beauty blogger began to fold and pin her hair to create a soft braid. To finish the look, Amelia wrapped the plait underneath and pinned it due to her thick hair.

We hope you love the look and why not try it yourself? Have a look through Amelia's blog and read through her Kate Middleton's elegant up-do step-by-step!

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