Festival Hair - Mermaid Waves

With Glastonbury on the horizon we felt it was perfect timing to show you how to dress your hair in three different festival friendly styles (and no shampooing required!)

This first step-by-step shows you how to achieve a gorgeous mermaid waves style with your Cloud Nine White Touch Iron. We recommend you try this look on day one and then move on to our day two and day three hair how-tos.

What You Need:

  • Cloud Nine White Touch Iron
  • Section Clips
  • Cloud Nine Dressing Brush
  • Heat Protection Spray

Step One

Spritz hair with a heat protection spray.

Section the hair from ear-to-ear and clip the top section up for now.

Take a 2-3 inch panel from the front of one side.

Step Two

Clamp your irons over your panel of hair.

Twist your wrist to flip the irons over – this will create a soft bend in the hair.

Hold for a few seconds and then release.

Step Three

Move down the section of hair and repeat this process, but twisting your wrist in the opposite direction.

Again, this will create a soft bend.

Step Four

Repeat this process, moving down the hair.

Take care to alternate the direction that you are flipping the irons, to alternate the direction of the bend – you’ll start to see a zigzag pattern in the hair.

Step Five

Repeat this process with additional sections of hair until all your hair has been waves.

Step Six

Run your fingers or a dressing brush through all the waves to break up the style and add texture. 

Finished Look

The completed look is festival-friendly but also a perfect texture base for day two and three!

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