Festival Hair - Multi Braids

With Glastonbury on the horizon we felt it was perfect timing to show you how to dress your hair in three different festival friendly styles (and no shampooing required!)

Our third and final festival hair step-by-step shows you how to created a stunning multi-braid look - sure to earn you many envious glances! We recommend you try this look on day three - with the waves from day one, and your parting braid from day two serving as a great foundation. 

You Will Need:

  • Tailcomb
  • Dressing Brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair Bands

Step One

Start by undoing the two side braids you created previously. Leave the central parting braid intact.

Step Two

Starting on one side, take the ends of the centre parting braid and merge with more hair.

Start to create a French plait.

Step Three

Keep the plait close to the head and reasonably neat – take your time.

Step Four

Keep plaiting until you reach the centre-back of the head.

Step Five

Secure the plait with a band at the nape.

Step Six

Repeat this process on the other side.

Step Seven

Use your fingers to tease the plaits for a softer finish.

Step Eight

Add a corsage or fresh flowers to your hair for a finishing touch.

Finished Look

The finished look is the perfect style for day three of any festival. Add flowers, charms or ribbon for a little extra drama.


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