Fleur East Styled by James Earnshaw at the Brit Awards

Our Style Ambassador James Earnshaw reveals how he worked his magic to create this high impact style on the singer.

Fleur East, who found fame on the X Factor, was styled by our Style Ambassador James Earnshaw for the Brit Awards 2018. She paired the look with a fabulous blue velvet suit, with white accessories and absolutely rocked it!

James shares how he created the look below

Step 1

Establish which side you want sleek. Using The Airshot hairdryer, smooth out the roots of this side , leaving the ends curly.


Step 2

Take small sections of hair vertically and secure in a clear elastics, keeping tension and making sure all sections are the same size. It’s important your sections are far enough over, that the remainder of the hair sits over the other side.

Step 3

Saturate the hair down with mouse and leave in conditioner then using The Airshot,  blast out the ends of the hair to loosen the curl. Keep the roots tight for volume.


Step 4

Using The Curling Wand, take small sections of hair and curl in alternate directions, leaving each section to cool and then hairspray.


Step 5

Using a wide tooth comb and your hands, shake out the curls and back comb the roots, it’s important to use a comb and not a brush to keep definition within the curl.


Step 6

Embellish the elastics with your choice of hair rings and spritz with dry shampoo at the root to achieve hold and texture.

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