Get Straight Back into Style!

Sleek, shiny, straight hair is the perfect accessory to any outfit and can transform your look from drab to fab in an instant. With this trendy style making a comeback on the catwalks and red carpet, Cloud Nine are celebrating the fact that poker-straight hair is making its way back into our lives.

Straight Back Into Style Collage

How to achieve the look

After washing your hair blow dry thoroughly, keeping the hairdryer pointed down the hair’s shaft to smoothen and flatten the hair’s cuticle. Section your hair in half from the back, bringing it forward to rest over your shoulders. Next, section the top half and secure away from your face using a crocodile clip. Using a comb to guide you, glide the iron slowly after each section. Once you’ve finished straightening brush your hair through with a comb and style as required. There should be no need to add product due to the unique mineral ceramic coating on our irons, which will add a shiny finish to your locks.                                  

The Cloud Nine Wide Iron is ideal for straightening longer, thicker hairstyles whilst the Original Iron is best suited to those with fine or coarse hair due to its five temperature settings. As the world’s first automatic hair straightener our Touch Iron is perfect for those with normal hair and a busy lifestyle for faster, kinder styling.

Click here to see our irons in action with Cloud Nine UK Brand Ambassador, Angel Montague-Sayers.

Who does straight best?

Here are some of the celebrities we think have worn straight hair best:

Julianne Hough’s cheeky bob is perfectly straight and polished:

Julianne Hough with a blonde bob









We love Miranda Kerr’s long feathered layers with textured tips:

Miranda Kerr long feathered look















Add some eye-grazing bangs to your straight style like Leah Michele to give your hair an extra edge:

Lea Michele using the straight look















Rita Ora shows off her more sophisticated side with this stylish mid-length poker-straight look:

Rita Ora's blonde Poker Style













To achieve Nicole Scherzinger’s sexy, sleek locks spray some Magical Potion on your hair before straightening for an extra smooth finish:

Nicole Scherzinger's smooth look











Achieve straight talking style with our range of irons. To find out which iron is best for your hair type click here to read our blog post for some tips and advice.


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