Get the Gatsby Look!

To celebrate the Great Gatsby’s comeback which is now in cinemas, we bring you a true 20’s look using our very own Micro Wand!

The talented Frankie from Daniel Galvin was kind enough to share this amazing step by step look, perfect for those of you who love all things vintage or just fancy a change to make an impact at your next special outing.

Frankie is a senior member of the Daniel Galvin team and she specializes in Wedding hair and extensions! According to Frankie “the hairstyle is the cherry on the cake - the element that makes a special day even more special!”

Are you ready to re-create this look at home?

Step 1

Part the hair from just behind the ear and secure the back half in a low ponytail.

Step 2

Take small sections of hair, roughly 1inch wide by 2 inches deep and wind around the Wand in a clockwise direction or towards the face, keeping it horizontal to the hair and clip in place.  Repeat all over the front section of hair.

Step 3

Take similar sections as before, throughout the rest of the hair and wrap around the wand, again in a clockwise direction, keeping the Wand vertical to the hair this time.  Repeat until the entire back section is curled.

Step 4

Leave in place for 15 to 20 mins to set the curls.  You can speed the time up by using a diffuser over the hair.

Step 5

Remove all the clips from the hair and gently run your fingers through to loosen and soften the curls.

Step 6

For true Gatsby style take sections about 2 inches wide, starting at the front and curl under and pin in place.  Continue all the way around until a fake bob effect is achieved.  Alternatively you may just want to wear the hair loose for a more laid back look.

Top tip

Spritz through with hairspray to hold in place.

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