Get the London Fashion Week 2014 Look

We had an amazing time at LFW where we sponsored Emilio de la Morena’s fantastic AW14 show.

Our Creative Director, Leigh Keates lent his talents to the proceedings by creating a fantastic look inspired by the Emilio de la Morena AW14 Collection.

Cloud Nine’s presence backstage at London Fashion did not go unnoticed, the slick, side parting, dual texture hair that I created for Emilio De La Morena definitely got tongues wagging.

The idea was to create a strong masculine appearance from the front paired with a contradicting natural looking feminine wave from behind.

Get the Look

This unique and multi-faceted style conveys a confident and masculine root which fades to a softer feminine edge.

Step 1

Apply mousse section by section through the entire head and finger dry in.

Step 2

Using a pintail comb, part the hair directly above the arch of the left eyebrow.

Step 3

Take a section below the parting and apply more mousse between the ear and hairline directly to the root. Brush with the Cloud Nine Dressing Brush drying with a hairdryer as you go.

Step 4

Repeat on both sides of the parting and apply hair oil over the dried areas to encourage shine.

Step 5

Take random sections at the back of the head, twist and wrap around the Cloud Nine Waving Wand set to the low temperature.

Step 6

Lightly brush through and gather hair into a ball. Quickly touch the plates of Cloud Nine’s The C9 Touch together three times to select the lower 165° temperature and slightly close over random areas of the hair. Rake through with fingers for a tousled texture and spray to finish.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Emilio de la Morena, as well as all the members of our Cloud Nine Team who helped make the event such a success.

  • Leigh Keates - Team Lead
  • Anna Chapman – Trevor Sorbie
  • Ross Mclaughlan – Jones and Payne
  • Lotte O’shea – Freelance
  • Bree Davies – Trevor Sorbie
  • Shelley Manley – Artistic Director at Malcolm Murphy Hair
  • James Earnshaw – Creative Director at Francesco Group
  • Marco Minunno – Freelance
  • Holly – Freelance


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