Get The Look: Halloween Glamour Puss

Avoid the Cadey Heron vibe this Halloween with this chic little feline number

We hope you tuned into our Halloween Hair live tutorial this week, but in case you missed it, here’s the Step by Steps to achieve Jessica’s glamour puss style.  ​​

Step 1

Prep the hair by liberally spraying Magical Potion, to act as a heat protectant and to add pliability.

Taking large sections, curl the whole head of hair using The Curling Wand

Step 2

Brush through each section as you go to loosen the curls. Gently backcomb each section at the root to add volume, using a Tailcomb. Apply hairspray to add hold.

Step 3

Take a section of hair at the front of the head and secure it using a crocodile clip

Take the remaining hair and secure into a high ponytail at the crown using an elastic. Smooth any flyaways or bumps using the back of a comb with hairspray applied to it.

Step 4

Backcomb the ponytail at the root, around the band. Turn the ponytail in on itself and secure into a bun shape using an elastic. Wrap any loose ends around the bun and secure with pins.

Step 5

Taking the front section that you had previously secured away from the bun, split it into two further sections, one at the front and one behind. Backcomb the back section, before rolling it around your finger and securing to the head. 

Step 6

Take the front section and backcomb. Secure this section over the section behind, to create a voluminous quiff.

Apply hairspray to secure the style. Add clip in cat ears either side of the quiff if desired.

The End Result

Watch the full live tutorial HERE


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