Get The Look: VS Angel Heavenly Hair

Have hair as heavenly as a VS Angel this Valentines Day

Our super talented Style Ambassador Jodie Austen (Peachy Stylist) was part of the backstage team at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017. She shares her secrets to how she created these volumous curls on the likes of Martha Hunt and Barbara Fialho.

1. Prepare the hair using a mousse/spray for hold – L’oreal Plie

2. Put in your natural parting – side or middle

3. Dry the hair using the Airshot Hairdryer

4. Split the hair into two sections – left and right

5. Using The Curling Wand take sections, holding the wand vertically, and wrap the hair away from the face, ensuring the hair is wrapped flat against the barrel.

6. Do the same on every section and when you get to the other side make sure you change direction to be curling away from the face.

7. Let the hair cool – do not touch the curls. This is your time to get makeup done.

8. When cooled (15 – 20mins) take a Dressing Brush, tilt your head and brush the hair out. Tilt the other way and do the same.

Voilá! Victoria Secret Curl Heaven. Now go get your wings ;)


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