Get the Mollie King Look

Molly King from The Saturdays adds a touch of glamour to the relaxed beach wave look. Perfect for low maintenance styling!

Recreate the look: 

  • Section your hair into a center parting.
  • Using your round blow-dry brush, blow dry the first,front section under (this will give a little extra volume to the hair line)
  • Once the hair is 100% dry, using the Cloud Nine Original Wand, wrap a section of hair around then drop into the palm of the hand and scrunch (this will set the curl)
  • Once you have used your wand and created curl around the whole head, tip your head upside down and shake to loosen the curl.
  • Finish using a light hairspray.

Product essentials: Original Wand, blowdry brush & light hairspray

Tips & Tricks:

  • Take large sections so the curl isn’t too tight.
  • Hold your wand vertically which will create a more tousled effect.
  • Scrunch the curl in the palm of your hand to set the curl.
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