Get the Retro Look

It can be easy to get swept away with the latest hairstyle trends, always striving to sport the hottest cutting edge looks right off the cat walk.

Yet, some of the classiest and most hard-hitting styles are those that take inspiration from days gone by - The Retro look. These are styles that have stood the test of time and lend an aura of class, sophistication and raw femininity.

Celebrities constantly revamp a variety of Retro inspired looks at prestigious events such as the Golden Globes, paving the way for followers of high-style to don immaculate and flowing retro locks of their own.

We are huge fans of the Retro Look, especially the flowing waves demonstrated by many such as Kelly Osbourne and Megan Fox at this year’s Golden Globes. We also love how a classy up-do with retro bun can really showcase a beautiful set of earrings – See Taylor Swift.

Jones and Payne are particularly gifted when it comes to Retro style, and Ricky was kind enough to share with us this fantastic step by step guide on how to create Long Retro Waves

Jones & Payne Master Stylist and co-founder Ricky Lee Jones, learnt his craft under the watchful eye of Trevor Sorbie and Angelo Seminara. Most recently Ricky worked at renowned London salon Taylor Taylor, where he built a reputation based on creativity, precision and highly personal service. Ricky has delivered London Fashion Week looks for Vivienne Westwood and John Rocha and regularly works with artists such as The XX, The Kooks and KT Tunstall, amongst others.

Step 1. This look is best achieved with unwashed hair. Start by prepping the hair with a strong hold mousse or thickening spray, to give the hair extra body. Spray into the hair and rough dry. 

Step 2. Part your hair to your desired parting. 

Step 3. Simply take sections from the front parting all the way down to the hairline. 

Step 4. Spray each section on both sides with a firm hold hairspray to give extra hold.

Step 5. Using the large Cloud Nine Wand ‘Twist’ the hair around the wand, making sure the whole section is wrapped around the barrel, from mid-lengths, right to the tips of the hair. Once heated to full temperature, release from around the wand.

Step 6. Again, take a section from the parting all the way down to the hairline. Prep with hairspray, only this time twist the hair in the opposite direction around the wand.

Step 7. Repeat this sectioning and opposite twisting technique all the way around the head, sectioning the hair in orange-like segments.

Step 8. When finished, let the hair cool completely.

Step 9. Once hair has cooled, brush through from mid lengths to ends with a large Mason and Pearson brush.

Step 10. You will now be left with your desired look. For a sleeker look, use shine spray, serum or oil on the ends.


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