Get to Know Emilio de la Morena

He's an International fashion designer with celebrity fans including Daisy Lowe and Cheryl Fernandez-Versing. And he loves Cloud Nine! But what else can we tell you about Emilio de la Morena?

We caught up with Emilio to find out more about this thoughts on hair, fashion and his new Cloud Nine Christmas Collaboration...

1. What is the inspiration behind this new collection?

The inspiration behind this new collection comes from thinking about where the Emilio de la Morena woman would go on holiday. Would she go on a fabulous holiday to the beach? Would she go on a beautiful mountain retreat? Or is she the kind of girl who would spend her holiday in the city? 

2. Which piece from the collection is your favourite?

As they are developing they are all like my little children so I love them equally. We’ll see when I see them all together!

3. What is the most exciting thing about Fashion Week?

The most exciting thing is seeing the collection you’ve been working on for the last six months taking life and everybody getting excited and realizing that this is what we’ve worked so hard for!

4. How important are the hair styles for your show?

Incredibly important! They make the look!

5. How important is the relationship between hair and fashion?

Fashion is all about how someone presents him or herself. It’s not just about the dress! It’s about the make-up and the hair. So the hair is super important. As important as what they wear!

6. What is it like working with Cloud Nine? What do you like most about the Cloud Nine brand?

The team is like a family. They’re very ambitious. They’re doing fantastically well. And they really believe in new talent and new ideas. Everything we’ve done with them has been a pleasure, a joy, always fun and it’s been very interesting learning how a company like that works!

7. Did you enjoy creating the Christmas gift set for Cloud Nine?

It was amazing! I really enjoyed it. To work on a product relating to the collection after having created the collection was incredibly rewarding. 

Stay tuned to find out more about Emilio's Christmas Collaboration with us for this festive season and to see when the gift set will be available to purchase online!


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