Glamorous Waves for Gomez-Gracia

We were honoured to support the amazing Gomez-Gracia London Fashion Week show, headed by the talented Luca Jones!

Gomez-Gracia is all about sensual silhouettes and flattering cuts. The combination of luxury, hand-sourced, textured, and often contrasting fabrics, is tempered by tongue-in-cheek details to make Gomez-Gracia the perfect designer for the work-hard, play-hard woman who loves to express herself! If you were lucky enough to watch the show, you’d know that the hair most certainly didn’t let the collection down, especially with Luca Jones in the driving seat!

Step 1

Prep hair with mouse or setting spray. Scrunch dry to enhance natural texture

Step 2

Section hair into 9 large sections (less for fine hair), part from ear to ear and separate down the centre into 2 sections. From temple to temple leaving the parting and crown free. Then, separate each side of the parting and crown for the final 3 sections.

Step 3

Twist the hair whilst wrapping around the Cloud Nine Original Wand away from the face to create an uneven texture. Pin and allow to cool and set.

Step 4

Comb with a wide tooth comb or fingers. Use the Original Wand to add texture to pieces through the roof for added texture. Finish with a spray wax or hairspray and shake.


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