Glamourous Christmas Party Styles

Christmas party season is fast approaching and we want you to look fabulous!

Have you started thinking about your party perfect hair yet? If you haven’t, you should, your hair is you best accessory after all! Find the perfect little dress, style your hair with your Cloud Nine tools and you’ll be the bell of the ball! The lovely team at The London School of Media Make Up put together these amazing videos of styles you can easily re-create for the perfect Christmas look, whether its the Office Party, Christmas Day or New Year's Eve.


Step 1 – Working from the temple, section hair and backcomb each section using a tail comb.

Step 2 – Run the Original Iron over each section after backcombing to lock the texture into place.

Step 3 – Using a Paddle Brush, smooth out the hair, being careful not to flatten out the backcombing.

Step 4 – Spritz dry shampoo though the hair to give it extra texture.

Step 5 – Brush the hair back and secure it with a headband.

Step 6 – Spritz the hair with a finishing spray to secure it in place.

1. Soft Waves

Step 1 – Using a tail comb, create a side part

Step 2 – Clip up the top two thirds of hair. Using the Original Wand curl even sections of hair. Repeat until all the hair has been curled.

Step 3 – Using a Paddle Brush, gently brush out the curls to create soft waves in the hair.

Step 4 – Apply a grooming balm to hair to smooth out the curls.

Step 5 – Set the curls in place using a finishing spray.

Flat Wave

Step 1 – Before blow drying hair, apply a volume boosting mousse.

Step 2 – Clip up the top two thirds of hair. Working in even sections, shape the section into a curve shape and work the Original Iron down the section alternating the direction of the curve.

Step 3 – Once you have completed all of the sections, run your fingers through the hair to loosen the waves and spritz with a dry texturizing spray.

Tip: For a more relaxed version, pick up random sections of hair instead of every piece of hair.

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