Hair Hacks: Which Wand Is Right For You?

Your decision just got easier.

From tight bouncy curls to loose carefree waves, we have a wand for every style. Our super-smooth, mineral coated barrels deliver super shiny, polished results with ease. The temperature control feature allows you to choose the temperature best suited to your hair type, for less damaging, kinder styling. But which wand is right for you? The choice can be a tricky one.

All of our wands allow for versatile styling, by varying the way in which you hold them or wrap the hair around them, you can control the type of curl or wave which you achieve. But we aren’t all Session Stylists with styling prowess at our fingertips. When choosing which wand is right for you, you probably just want to know the type of curl which you can achieve by using the wand in the easiest way. So that’s exactly what we are going to show you. In the below video, our Style Ambassador James Earnshaw demonstrates the easiest way to use each of  the wands and the different types of curls that you can achieve with them.   

For a full comparison of all of our wands, with all the technical info, take a look at our handy Wand Comparison Page

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