Hair Trend: Iced Caramel Latte

Is this colour the new BRONDE?

Iced caramel latte’s definitely sound like the most delightful way for us to get our caffeine boost this summer, but now we can take that delicious flavour combination to our hair! This mix of dark roots fading into shades of buttery and ash blonde is making our mouths water! Whether you’re a one-shot extra syrup or a 4 shot caramel drizzle kind-of-gal, we have found multiple examples of how you welcome this stunning colour into your life.

Recently brought to us by Jessica Warburton (@hairhunter), the balayage technique allows those girls who are dark haired to maintain their natural base colour whilst still getting those lighter tones around the face, meaning less time at the salon, less £££ AND less bleach. Say hello to healthy blonde hair!

Is this colour the new BRONDE? - We will let you decide!


Caramel Balayage | Transformation ���� - *Honesty post* So we started with an all over bleach with 2 inches of natural roots, we converted to a brunette balayage with caramel tones running through. Did this colour transformation go smoothly? No. Did my lady leave happy? In the end, Yes. Admittedly during big colour changes, things don't always go to plan. We did a reverse balayage leaving out and toning down blonde pieces running through. These pieces sank too dark leaving a flatter colour without any dimension. We corrected this by doing an all over balayage toning the lighter pieces to a nice caramel blonde. Not every colour correction you see goes perfectly in one attempt, things don't always go as you planned! As long as your client leaves happy you've done your job right! - @aliceandthehair #davines #davinescolour #colourcorrection #balayage #babylights #hair #haircolour #hairsalon #fckinghair #derby #derbysalon #derbystylist #stylist #waves #colour #framar #framarbrushes #olaplex #olaplexderby #beachy @davines_uk @olaplex @cloudnine @framar @[email protected]_com @creativeheadmag

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