Decoded: Essential Hair Hacks

Our round up of the ultimate professional hairstyling hacks every Woman needs to know

These tips will help you to perfect your hair game, even in a hurry! Our style Ambassador James Earnshaw shares with you his top tips for keeping your hair healthy and essential styling advice. 

Top Tips for Hair Care

1. Wear a mask: Apply a mask on your hair once a week to add moisture and repair your hair.

2. Heat protecter is essential: Always use heat protection whenever you're using a heat styling tool.

3. Dirt is your friend: Do not overly wash your hair. Don’t wash your hair everyday, allow your hair to have its natural oils and use products like dry shampoo when you need to.

Top Tips for Styling

1. Your hair, your heat: Remember Cloud Nine tools have variable heat, so use the heat that’s right for your hair.

2.Perfect the prep: Always get the right prep, if you need to apply mousse and volumizing spray first to get the hold, do that before you use any heat appliance.

3. Shake it out: When you're finishing your hair don't be scared to brush it out, don't be scared to shake it out because the more you undo it the better it will look.


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