HAIRraising results for Great Ormond Street.

Catherine Handcock from Creative Head Magazine participated in the Ibiza Bike Ride in aid of HAIRraising and we proudly sponsored her participation!

All about HAIRraising

HAIRraising is a fundraising appeal, founded by British celebrity hairstylist John Frieda and other big names within the hairdressing industry. The goal of the appeal is to  inspire salons to raise money by organizing their own events or participating in HAIRraising events. Founded in 2010, HAIRraising has already succeeded in reaching their first milestone, raising £1 Million towards new operating theatres at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Now, together with the hairdressing industry, they are looking to raise another Million which will help Ormond St to build a new Respiratory Unit.

Ibiza Bike Ride

Beautiful Ibiza

One of the most successful HAIRraising fundraising events is the Ibiza Bike Ride which took place on the 3rd of May and lasted for 3 days. Despite being set on the idyllic island of Ibiza, this event was hard slugging through the heat rather than the typical cocktails on the beach.

The challenge offered participants the choice of 60km or 90km - two days around Ibiza with just one thought in mind: raising money for a great cause! Catherine had a blast during this tough but worthwhile bike ride and she proudly revealed that over £200k was raised in this event alone! She had a great time cycling with a fun group of around 100 people, with amazing sights and a great sense of achievement in the end.

The finishing line!

We are very happy to be involved in such a great project and we hope HAIRraising is able to reach its target in order to continue to help Great Ormond Hospital!


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