Halloween Makeup Masterclass: Sugar Skull

The Sugar Skull, or calavera, is an ever popular look for Halloween. This is mainly because Día de Muertos (aka Day of the Dead) starts on the same day, 31st October. Personally though, we just love any opportunity for a strong contour! 

Mostly Milly Makeup shares her step by step guide to perfecting the look.

Get The Look

1. Start with the most important part of any look, the brows.  We used MAC Brow Pencil in Spike, to give a bold look.

2. Next move onto the eyes. Apply concealer over the eyelids to create a base for the eyeshadow. Using a warm toned/orange eyeshadow, shade on using a fluffy brush through the crease of your eye, to prevent the black from looking blocky.

3. Cover the lid in black eyeshadow and blend with the same fluffy brush, into the warm transition shade.

4. Add mascara and some false lashes

5. Using the same back eyeshadow, apply it to your lower lash line to complete the smokey eye look.

6. Apply your usual foundation, concealer and powder routine, or use slightly paler shades if you want to make the look more ghostly.

7. Take a grey toned contour shade or a grey eyeshadow and apply heavily, carving out the cheek bones, forehead, nose and jawline. You want this to be over the top and noticeable enough to create a skeletal structure to the face.

8. Use a black liquid eyeliner to carefully draw on the nose, teeth and chin.

9. Apply the decorative face jewels with false lash glue to ensure they won’t fall off during the evening.


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