How to Get Perfectly Wavy Hair

Beautifully wavy hair has become the must-have look of the summer and although the beach weather may very well be over, it’s clear that beach waves are here to stay!

We’ve asked Cloud Nine UK Ambassador, Angel Montague-Sayers to share with us her step-by-step guide to perfect beach waves.

1. Start by washing and blast drying your hair using the Cloud Nine Magical potion – this will protect your hair from heat as well as speed up your time under the hairdryer.

Straight Brown Hair

2. Establish your chosen parting, then section your hair into two each side.

Brown Hair Cloud Nine Waving Wand

3. Using your waving wand, take approximately one inch vertical sections and wrap these around your wand.

Curling Hair with Cloud Nine Waving Wand

4. For the best result; the front sections need to be wrapped away from the face, with the tool placed behind the section.

Brown hair wavy curls

5. Hold the hair around the wand for a few sections and drop into the palm of your hand, scrunch to set and cool the hair.

Brown hair scrunch tecnique

6. Continue this technique around the rest of the hair, remembering to place the wand behind the section and scrunch in your hand before moving onto the next.

Brown hair scrunch tecnique

7. Once the hair is waved using the wand, tip your head upside down and gently shake with your fingers - this will create a softer more natural finish.

Wavy brown hair


The Cloud Nine Waving Wand is the perfect hair tool for recreating this effortless style. Watch our latest video to learn more about our wand’s fantastic features or click here for some useful top tips. 

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