How to get the best post-workout hair

Make sure your gym routine doesn't effect your hair

Summer is fast approaching (thank goodness!) and whilst we’re all beyond excited for some sun on our skin and to put a stop to our daily ritual of winter layering, we’re stampeding into the gym to make sure we look our most fantastic when all those layers are taken off and swapped out for pretty summer dresses (or maybe you’re one of those super-human, super-fit gym bunnies who goes 5 times a week, every week regardless of the weather… if you are, we salute you).

However, with the gym routine comes sweaty hair, sweaty hair means greasy hair, greasy hair means you have to wash your hair, and washing your hair everyday… well regardless of the fact that no one on planet earth actually ENJOYS the hair washing process, washing too frequently strips your hair of its natural oils, which in the long run, makes it dry, brittle and more prone to breakage.

We sat down with our Style Ambassador James Earnshaw to talk about pre and post work-out haircare tips to ensure your hair is as fighting fit as you!

Use a bobble that doesn’t pull on the hair
We recommend either an invisi-bobble or an elastic covered in silk. These eliminate, snags and friction on the hair which lead to breakage. They’re also kink-free, meaning you can take your hair down after your workout and not have to re-style!

When Swimming
Your hair is like a sponge, so be sure to wet your hair thoroughly before you go into the pool.  This will mean your hair shaft will be full of natural water and can no longer absorb the chlorinated pool water.

Take a hair mask into the sauna or steam room
The dry heat of a sauna can dry your hair out in the long run, so using a hair mask or deep-conditioning treatment on before going in can help lock in moisture and form a barrier between your hair and the heat.

When you do wash, wash twice!
Make sure you do two Shampoo’s; the first cleanses and the second nourishes. Not only will washing your hair twice remove any build-up of product and dirt, it will also give you a deeper clean enabling you to go longer between washes. Be sure to finish with a spritz of Magical Potion the perfect leave in conditioner which will nourish, protect against heat and half drying time.

Use a tangle teaser when combing conditioner through to avoid unnecessary damage
When your hair is wet it is weaker and more susceptible to breakage. Combing your hair when it has conditioner in allows for a more slippery surface, so a tangle teaser easily glides through. Wait for hair to be semi-dry before brushing again to minimise damage.

Find a hairstyle that you can rock from gym-office
Keeping your hair out of your face is the key to sweaty hair prevention! Utilising a cute hairstyle will not only save you time, getting you in and out of the gym as quickly as possible, but also keeping it out of your face and off your back ensuring it stays as clean as possible!

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