How-to Guide to the Perfect Plait

Plaits are a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2014 and have been the preferred go-to hairdo for many celebrities and festival goers alike. With the ability to hold hair into place whilst keeping it super stylish, the plait’s popularity will no doubt continue into the winter months.

Whitney Port

Start by spraying your locks with Cloud Nine Magical Potion and then braid to help give it a beachy texture for the perfect holiday hair look. When plaiting always remember to keep your hair pulled tight to keep the structure firm – you can always loosen it later for a more relaxed, summery style.

Our UK Creative Ambassador, Angel Montague-Sayers, gives us her top tip for the perfect plait, “Choose random small sections of your hair (looks great around the front) and plait loosely. You don’t even need a hair bobble to secure and it’s an ideal look for a festival!”

To recreate this simply follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Start by applying a strong hold mouse to your hair, this will add some strength so it’s not too soft.
  • Once dry, section into a parting.
  • Bring your hair around to one side and braid before fastening with a small elastic.
  • Using your fingers, gently tease out the hair to further soften and widen the plait.
  • To finish, spray some sea salt spray or Cloud Nine Magical Potion onto your fingers and scrunch to complete the ideal holiday hair look.

The American Designer Marc Jacobs sent his girls storming down the runway at his Fall/Winter 2014 show, with a modern twist on the prim and proper hairstyle that graced our childhood. Moving away from the looser, bohemian braids of the summer, these sharp neat versions are perfect to suit a more tailored winter wardrobe. Also keeping it strict were Givenchy and Alexander McQueen who jumped on the trend, however McQueen’s take was slightly less wearable with cornrows.

From tight twists to loose braids, we love this trend in all its shapes and sizes! Be sure to top up on your Cloud Nine Magical Potion to give your hair the perfect finish when recreating this stylish summer trend.  

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