In Bonnie We ‘Believe’

Bonnie Tyler is performing today at this year’s Eurovision final and she’s the one gathering the largest crowds in Sweden!

Bonnie Tyler, the 61 year old Welsh songstress, is this years Eurovision representative for the United Kingdom. Already through to the finals in Sweden today, Bonnie is hoping to avoid the curse of getting “nul points”. The Grammy nominated singer will sing the song ‘Believe in me” in the finals later this evening!

As well as a catalogue of hit singles including ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart” and award nominations, Bonnie Tyler has also had various hair and clothing styles that have kept her in the news. Bonnie has always been in the avant-garde of each decade, sporting many classic looks such as the eighties ‘Bon Jovi’ bouff do. Over the past few years, Bonnie has adopted a more modern look, sporting long extensions, topped with great volume and movement.

If you’re looking to re-create Bonnie’s signature look or you’re just looking your hair volume and movement, The O rollers are the perfect tool!

We’re wishing the best of luck to Bonnie and we’re hoping for a great result tonight!


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