In The Chair With Adam Garland

With a career spanding 20 years working with brands such as Dior, Chanel and Cartier, we were keen to chat with Adam Garland to find out the inspirations behind his success.

So Adam, tell us about your Career?

This year I will celebrate 20 years in the industry, over half my life dedicated to a career and lifestyle I wouldn't be without. Always ambitious, I started my journey at 14 years old and quite quickly went form washing purple rinses at my local village salon in North Somerset, to training with Vidal Sassoon in central London. By 19 I had a strong column of loyal clients. Even whilst being at one of the leading salons in the world I still had a relatively small understanding of the session world. I was always styling and creating looks on my friends and family, often sending them out like runway creations, raising many an eyebrow with my catch phrase to them ," its of the runway". I knew I wanted more but hadn't yet found the guidance or direction. Taking a small break from the salon world saw me pursue my passion as a professional show jumper, a sport I had been involved in from a very early age. A total shock to my senses, especially the smell! I was always the one asked to braid the whole yard before we went off to competitions, I now refer to it as my braiding boot camp. After a successful time in the equestrian world I could not deny myself from hair any longer, I craved an outlet for creativity.  Just to keep simple I decided to re locate and found myself as the Creative Director for Toni & Guy Philippines, one of the most humbling life experiences I could of ever dreamt of. A hub of inspiration and creative people, so detached from what I knew and so fresh and interesting. Leaving the Philippines I then went on to be the Art Director in Toni & Guy Rotterdam , Netherlands. A totally different experience, one of the most artistic cities I have been to with a huge variety in creative outlets, nothing was too much or impossible. Here I began to shoot shoot shoot, working full days in the salon, then meeting new photographers and shooting most evenings well into the early hours. My first big break was to fly to L.A and style wigs for Cher's 'Dressed to Kill' tour which kicked of in 2014. That was it, time to get back to London and make it happen. I'm very grateful to have assisted and absorbed skills from so many of the best artists in the world including Sam McKnight and Rudi Lewis who are two of my biggest inspirations. After a full on 3 years assisting I'm very happy to have recently been signed to London agency Eighteen Management and I'm very excited to grow with the full support of Claire Metcalfe and her team.

Hair by Adam Garland for Dior

Hair by Adam Garland for Dior in Layalina Magazine

How would you describe your style?

This is a tricky one, I would have told you I want to do everything and I still do. But if you were to define my current style I would say I'm enjoying the high end commercial/editorial work, Vogue, Elle, Harpers etc whilst working for brands like Dior, Chanel, Cartier.
I love classic, minimal, timeless hair with subtle, interesting twists. Effortless and beauty remain my key words of the moment. The power of the '10% difference'. To me this can make a great image transform into something beyond every ones expectations. I love finding that small detail which can send everyone into overdrive on set.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the minute I have some exciting shoots awaiting print as well as more in the creative planning stages. What I love about my work is that at any moment I can be asked to get involved with new creative talent which opens my mind to new ideas and concepts. Yesterday I shot a beautiful story with a team from Paris all based on the French expressionism artist, Bernard Buffet, an artist up until that point I had not been aware of. Its exciting to jump into research and create mood boards, then bring together a collaboration of ideas.

What trends are you expecting to see across the upcoming months?

What I love currently is we are consistently expressing ourselves in a much more experimental and fearless way, for me there are no set trends or 'must do" styles.
Look back at the late 1990's early 2000 and I guess more homes had a pair hair straighteners than they did internet routers.  It was the era of straight straight and more straight hair.
I loved Sam McKnights take on corn rows for the AW17 Balmain show with 3 or 4 braids through the top, slick back sides all leading into a low pony tail. Hair accessories are in abundance and with so many options available they can really compliment almost any look.
Have no fear, experiment and play.

Why do you love working with Cloud Nine tools?

Since I started working with Cloud Nine tools and sprays I have noticed dramatic improvements to the quality of my work, the condition of the hair and the speed at which I can achieve results.
The Original Iron has multiple heat settings allowing me to adjust the temperature according to my client/models hair type, they are also super quick to heat up.
Another go to for me is the Magical Quick Dry Potion, a favourite with all my clients/models. Lightweight yet affective there are so many advantages to using this product. Firstly I can protect the hair from damage with its built in conditioners whilst still being lightweight and leaving the hair workable. I'm passionate about hair condition and preventing unnecessary damage with heat appliances, theres no excuse for cutting corners and not looking after your client/model. From damp to dry the spray dramatically reduces drying time whilst it locks in extra nourishment.
I love working with Cloud Nine, the brand has a very 'cool' element and they are always on point with whats current in the fashion world, which ultimately filters down the the high street and consumer.
Cloud Nine can often be seen back stage at fashion weeks and the whole team really get involved, exposing themselves to the very current needs of not only the consumer market but also the professionals at the top of the session world.

For all hair related enquiries you can connect with Adam via 
[email protected]

Instagram @adam_hairstylist 
Twitter @adamgarland1983
[email protected]

A selection of Adams work to date

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