In the Chair with Milosz Pawlak

From working at a globally renowned company, Toni and Guy, to working at the prestigious London Fashion Week - Milosz has been a hairstylist since 2006. He has been a Regional Finalist for L’oreal Colour Trophy and one of five finalists in The Visionary competition organised by Creative Head magazine, an award presented to a creatively driven hairstylist who is constantly experimenting with new and original ideas.

1. Tell us about your career!

I moved over from Poland and started my career as an assistant at one of the Toni and Guy salons in the Lake District when I was 17. From there I gained all my qualifications and slowly worked my way up.

Having always been interested in how much influence hair has in the fashion world I moved to Manchester where I am based now working in the salon but I'm wanting too concentrate my career on session styling . I’ve been working at Fashion Week for the past 10 seasons and will never forget that first season I worked on; everything from the models designers the fast paced environment was amazing and I always say I wish it was Fashion Week! I’m fortunate enough to have worked on shows such as Versace, Giles, Topshop Unique, Jean Pierre Braganza to name a few. It’s a very competitive industry and you get a lot of "No's"  but I’m not one for giving up. You’ve got to keep trying until you finally get that that one ‘yes’ you’ve been waiting for, and that’s how it all started for me.

Aside from fashion week I tend to do a lot of photoshoots which I love. You build relationships with photographers, makeup artists, stylists and you become a small family who help each other out along the way, all growing in your careers together.

2. How would you describe your style?

I definitely feel like I have a style but it’s hard for me to put it into words. I love movement, I love texture, and I love my quiffs. If I’m working on a shoot I always look at the clothes, makeup and end result of what we are trying to achieve - that always tends to influence my work on shoots. However, working in a salon you have to pay a lot more attention to face shapes and a client’s lifestyle which changes my direction in a different way, a slightly more toned down version of my style.

3. What trends did you see across the fashion weeks this season?

I think Fashion Week always delivers a lot of catwalk trend inspirations including effortless ideas such as breezy waves, undone buns, plaits or basic ponytails. This season all these were spiced up with accessories from black bands and fabric, to jewelled combs and Swarovski embellished clips.

4. What are you working on at the moment?

I've got some exciting photoshoots coming up but apart from that, this year I’m concentrating on entering the British Hairdressing Awards, so thinking of some cool original ideas, sourcing the right models and styling is currently my main focus right now.

5. What’s your top tip for someone who wants to improve his or her hair care routine?

For anyone concerned about how healthy their hair is I always recommend using some good quality products. They might feel expensive but believe me in the long run it always pays off. Cloud Nine has the amazing Magical Duet which is basically 2 products that offer heat protection, reduce drying time as well as helping your hair to detangle, thus make it smoother and shinier.

6. Why do you love working with Cloud Nine tools?

Why wouldn’t I? Cloud Nine has every tool available that anyone would ever need, from the Irons, to The O, the the wands, there’s something for everyone. I’m currently obsessed with the Wands and I use them on every single shoot. I especially like the temperature control which allows me to decide what’s best for the models hair and doesn’t cause any damage.


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