As a L’Oreal ID Artist, Artistic Director at Malcolm Murphy Hair and a member of the Cloud Nine Education Team, Shelley Manley has oodles of industry experience. We caught up with this leading lady to discover her top trends for SS15 and more more….

1. Tell us about yourself and your hairdressing career

I started working in a salon when I was 14 and from that day I knew that hairdressing was for me! I'm 25 now and this job always surprises me. When starting up I really didn't realise how much the industry had to offer. I always love a good challenge.

After training and working on the salon floor for a year I then went on to being part of the L’Oreal evolution team followed by ID Artist. This really was the turning point for me, and my career. I have then been fortunate to work backstage at London and Paris Fashion Week assisting inspirational stylists such as Leigh Keates at Emilio De La Morena. I’ve then gone on to become a member of the CloudNine education team, which I absolutely love!


2. What is your all-time favourite hair trend and why?

I absolutely love ‘un-done’ looks - something that looks completely effortless with beauty and edge! The Cloud Nine Waving Wand is perfect for creating these looks. It’s a must-try style for Summer 2015.


3. Who is your industry icon?

I have many! So pin pointing one would be difficult. There are so many inspirational stylists, and their individual work fascinates me! 


4. What is your favourite Cloud Nine product and why?

I find my favourite products change depending on the seasons. At the moment though I have two: I love the Magical Potion and the Waving Wand together. These are a perfect mix for a stylish ‘un-done’ finish!


5. What tip do you give to all your clients to improve their hair-care routine?

Making sure they have a good home hair care regime is so important to making hair feel good. Regular trims is also a must!


Follow Shelley on Twitter @SManleyhair

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