In the chair with…Rebecca Wordingham and LSMM!

We had a chat with Rebecca Wordingham, Creative Director of The London School of Media Make Up, the leading makeup academy in London providing makeup artist courses of the highest standard.

1. When was London School of Media Make Up founded and who by? 
The school was founded in 2005 by my mum, Jeanne Richmond and I. At that time I was about to start University and had no idea that 12 years later I would be a make up artist. I always thought I would be a photographer!

2. Your mother Jeanne actually won a BAFTA didn’t she?

Yes she did! Actually we keep it in the studio... Mum named him Boris. It would have been hard work following in her footsteps so after working in film and television during my formative years, I slowly progressed into fashion which is what I focus on now. I think it's a better suit for me.

3. Can you tell us about your journey with your career since you studied at LSMM.

As an undergraduate o Photographic Arts at Westminster University, it was during my second year of my degree that I began to explore make up, initially in order to be able to achieve the make up looks for my own shoots and to gain an understanding of the process. However, it was only once I finished my degree and assisted a few photographers that I decided I preferred having a brush in my hand rather than a camera. When I was 21 I was introduced to a Director who was about to undertake a full-length feature film. I rather naively agreed to head the make up and hair department, not really knowing what I had let myself in for. This was an incredibly steep learning curve, which ultimately proved to be one of the most pivotal moments. From then on, I decided that this was the career for me. It was incredible hard work but I loved every minute of it and I wasn't even paid for that job! I remember we worked 35 days back to back without a day off, 18 hour long days, but at 21 years old that seem like a walk in the park! 

From that, I worked on quite a few more films both heading up and also assisting. Slowly I moved into T.V., then music videos and then into fashion. I assisted many different fashion make up artists, I was Lucia Pieroni's 1st assistant which meant we were travelling the world with some of the industry biggest photographers shooting everything from campaigns for Versace and Gucci to creative editorials for French Vogue, British Vogue, etc. When I left Lucia I, pretty much signed to Saint Luke Artist's straight after.

4. Who can study at LSMM and what courses are available?

Anyone over 18 can study at The LSMM. We'd prefer to have students with understanding of colour and/ or a background in art based subjects, but what's essential is to have a passion for make up and hair. Our main course "The 3 month Complete Diploma" course equips students with the knowledge, understanding, theory and work experience to become a successful make up artist in any chosen field, whether that be film, television, theatre or fashion. In addition, we offer masterclasses for people already working in the industry. We also offer a 2 day introduction into beauty and fashion make up held on a weekend and we are about to launch a new course which is a part time weekend diploma course held over 17 weekends. 

5. How can students apply to study at LSMM?

Students can apply to any of our courses online on our website. We always like to try and meet the person before studying but if this is not possible we can conduct an interview via Skype.

6. What sort of work is being produced at LSMM?

We are so very proud of all our graduates and students. Often the work blows us away with the creativity and concepts. It is extremely important for us to be a creative hub and enable learning, but it's also just as crucial for students to make mistakes as well. 

7. What is your favourite Cloud Nine tool and why?

For my kit it would be The Original Iron. They are super effective, hard wearing, versatile and far better than any others on the market I've tried! For every day I would say the Waving Wand... I love loose effortless soft waves and the waving wand can achieve this so easily.

8. How did you hear about Cloud Nine?

I heard about Cloud Nine initially from a hairdresser whilst I was working on a job. During The LSMM rebrand, my studio manager and I sat down and created a list of dream products we would like to work with and Cloud Nine was on the top of the hair list! 


Check out some of Rebecca's work below and a few videos The LSMM produced for us, showing you how to achieve three amazing looks! 

Soft Waves

Flat Wave

Bouffant hairstyle

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