Jet Set Go – The Perfect Holiday Hair Hack

wet hair, don't care

You’ve spent two weeks swimming in an aquamarine sea or with a cocktail in hand, with no cares and certainly no worries – but as you say bye to your hols, you can say hi to split ends galore! The combination of sun, salt and chlorine can leave your hair dry and damaged, even changing the colour of chemically treated hair. 

But hey, it’s bad enough returning to reality, without damaged hair dragging you down that much quicker, so we have a solution!

Introducing the Wet-Look. A look that’s a firm favourite on the runway, it can often seem a little daunting for the office (“people might think I have greasy hair?!”) - but for the beach or poolside it’s perfect! Not only is it a way to work that just-out-of-the-sea hair, it allows you to use a nourishing hair product, like Cloud Nine’s Magical Potion, as you catch those rays – treating your locks all while looking AMAZING! We’re all about kinder styling after all!

This miracle Magical Potion is a bonafide holiday hair hero for our team – it’s not only a leave-in conditioner, but doubles (well, septuples) as UV protection, heat protection, and an anti-static, anti-frizz and strengthening product, all whilst reducing the drying time by 50% - YES PLEASE!!  

We’ve scoured the internet for the perfect Wet-Look inspo just for you, to save you from that pre-holiday stress! So, forget all your holiday hair troubles, hun – frizz and damage can stay at home because there’s no space for them on your hols!

So, you’ve spent the day in the Sun, and you want to treat your hair to some TLC – but you’ve got to get ready for the evening... 

No probs! Using the Cloud Nine Airshot and Amplify Spray, give the lower portion of your hair this natural, tousled look, leaving the upper section damp. Then saturate the upper section of the hair with our Magical Potion, combing it through, and ensuring a clean and slick parting. As it dries, it will maintain gloss and shine, keeping your hair looking hot-to-trot and healthy!

The slicked back pony – a fave of supermodels and soon-to-be yours! Just spray Magical Potion generously on your hair, and comb through, pulling back into this sleek pony. Keep in mind to leave a strand free – it’s perfect to wrap around the top of the pony! The perfect glam style that will carry you from beach loungers to the beach party! You can top up throughout the day, keeping that hair protected!

Perfect for long or short hair, if this look says one thing to us, it’s summer sophistication! Spritz the Magical Potion into your wet hair – whether you’re just out of the shower or the sea – and pull into a low pony. Then twist the hair around and over, before securing by the base of the pony to create this beaut low-knot! 


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Now you’ve got the hairstyles covered, why not now head over to our post on Summer Haircare Essentials, to make sure you’re fully prepped for that holiday!

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