Know your Hair, Love your Hair meets the Bloggers!

Monday night couldn’t come soon enough, as we looked forward to presenting our brand new Know Your Hair, Love Your Hair campaign to a host of wonderful bloggers.

Following our Altogether Kinder Styling revolution we thought; what better way to help you act kinder to your hair than with a little demonstration?

So we invited a selection of top beauty and fashion bloggers along to Trevor Sorbie Hampstead for an evening of hair chat, styling and Percy Pigs!

To ensure our bloggers really got to see Cloud Nine tools in action and to prove that the hottest heat isn't always necessary to create a great style, we selected 6 bloggers to be our Hair Ambassadors and model for us on the night. We represented a wide range of hair lengths and types with our ambassadors, who covered cropped, above collar, shoulder, long, extended and afro hair.

Amongst the guests were:

Jen - Beauty Junkie London
Sabrina - A Little Obsessed
Kristabel - I Want You To Know
Annie - Epiphannie
Michelle - Daisy Butter
Lil - Storm in a Teacup
Kelly - Hair Advice and All Things Nice
Lily - What I Heart Today
Louise - Sprinkle of Glitter
Gemma - Gems Maquillage
Bethany - Arched Eyebrow
Hayley - London Beauty Queen
Zara - Mouldy Fruit
Lauren - The Style Tag
Marin - Marin Monroe

On set we had our marketing manager talking about the different stages of the Know Your Hair, Love your Hair campaign, highlighting our stylish but helpful questionnaire to discover hair types - Try it now if you haven't already! Answer a few questions and once you know your type, you can lavish it with tailored treatment and kinder styling for healthier, happier hair.

With introductions over, Cloud NIne Global Creative Director Leigh Keates and Trevor Sorbie salon manager Bree Davie set about creating the styles. There were 6 styles in total, based on celebrity looks 

  1. Anne Hathaway (a sleek crop created using the Micro Iron)
  2. Adele (a volumous bob created using The O)
  3. Jessica Alba (relaxed waves created using the Waving Wand)
  4. Kate Middleton (a sophisticated up do created using the Wide Iron)
  5. Cheryl Cole (a glamorous 'do created using the Original Wand)
  6. Kelly Rowland (dramatic curls created using the Micro Wand)

The treatment may have seemed like VIP treatment, but they were in fact showcasing the versatility of our range of tools, as each of our guests had subtly different hair types.

Our blog ambassadors were taken through each stage of the style and our guests were free to drop in on the ones they liked the look of to learn how to recreate the look at home. Each blog ambassador was told what tools were being used and what level of heat they were set at to get maximum hold with minimum heat.

Each of our lovely blog ambassadors got a different celebrity hairstyle:

Adele Voluminous do: Gemma from GemsMaquillage

Anne Hathaway Signature Crop: Bethany from Arched Eyebrow

Cheryl Cole Wavy Extensions: Hayley from London Beauty Queen

Jessica Alba’s mid-length locks: Zara from Mouldy Fruit

Kate Middleton Classy Updo: Lauren from The Style Tag

Kelly Rowland’s Magnificent Curls: Marin from Marin Monroe

We are on a mission to help women understand their hair and its individual care needs. We are promoting an Altogether kinder styling ideology and we want you to be part of this revolution!

If you haven’t heard of these blogs before, we would strongly recommend you check them out and find out all about these ladies’ adventures in the fashion and beauty industry! From reviews to competitions, these blogs are a the cream of the crop.

We would like to take this chance to thank everyone present, contributing for a very stylish night!

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