Low-Key Summer Styles

The Perfect Style Guide for Impromptu Pub Garden Gatherings!

When the temperature rises, our beauty routines must adjust. When there are BBQ’s to attend and pub gardens to frequent, we can’t spend hours faffing with our hair. The World Cup semi-finals are the perfect example, we need to get from office to pub to watch the boys bring it home as quickly as possible! We want quick and chic styles when we’re in a rush to get out of the door and enjoy the summer sun! In order to stay cool, calm and collected, we’ve compiled the best low-key summer hairstyles to achieve effortlessly chic hair. 


Sleek Top Plait

Avoid flyaways and go full summer chic with this slicked-back style. To achieve this look simply comb hair back and tie into a ponytail, plait loosely and secure with a hair tie.


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The Zero-effort Hair Flick
Create a deep side parting and spritz on salt spray and scrunch to create texture. Accessorise with a pair of oversized sunnies.


Half-up pony
Starting from your ears, part your hair up towards the crown of your head. Take the top section, loosely backcomb and secure into a high pony. Take a section of hair from your pony and wrap around the elastic securing with a bobby pin.


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Off Straight
Embrace the texture and sport this modern straight look. On a low temperature roughly straighten sections of your hair bending the ends in different directions to give more body and texture through the ends.


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